21 March 2012

PSX Emulator (New Link)

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium III 600Mhz
512 MB Ram

Password :
Night Walker@www.kaskus.us


NOTE: If you can't sure how to configure the plugins, just follow my configuration at the picture which I use as ilustration. They are runs great at my system

1. First thing first you need to extract the plugins to plugins folder

2. Extract the BIOS to BIOS folder

3. Run ePSXe.exe and you will find open window like this:

4. Now, you need to set up for Video, sound, cdrom ,BIOS, and Memory Cards. Select config and you'll find dropdown menu like this:

5. Video. Select config-->Video
a. Choose plugin you want to use:

b. Configure it. For complete tutorial, please go to ePSXe v1.70 Graphic Plugins Configuring Tutorial section.
Or, you can see the picture below for some example:

6. Sound. Select Config-->Sound
a. Choose plugin you want to use:

b. Configure it:

7. CDRom. Select Config-->Cdrom
a. Choose plugin you want to use:

b. Configure it:

Please note, you must be right at configuring the drive letter. For example, your DVD ROM is (F: ) and your virtual drive is (G: ). If you choose to use virtual drive, then you need to choose (G: ) and vice versa.

8. BIOS. Select Config-->BIOS
Press select and then locate where the BIOS folder and choose one of the BIOS you wat to use

9. Memory Cards. Select Config-->Memory Cards
Press select then locate where you want to store the virtual memory cards file.

It usually store at memcards folder at ePSXe directory folder, like this:

choose epsxe000.mcr for Memory Cards 1 and epsxe001.mcr for Memory Cards 2.

10. Gamepad.
If you have gamepad for PC, you can use it to play instead using keyboard. Just go to Config-->Gamepad-->Port1-->Pad 1

Configure it! First you need to click the button showned at the display then you must press the coressponding button at your game pad. Below the example, if you use gamepad with vibration feature:

And below are example if you use keyboard rather than game pad:

11. Play the game!
a. First insert the game CdRom or mount it at your virtual drive.

b. Choose File-->Run CDROM

12. Save State function.
You can use Save State rather than save at virtual memory cards. The benefit is, This Is Actually Save Anywhere Function, so you can save it anywhere an load right at the place you save. Pretty usefull function, huh?

F1: Save State
F2: Choose slot to save (Different game will automatically generate different slot to save, so it wont overwrite your save)
F3: Load State

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